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Unearthing my Mitered Square Blanket

Posted on: May 24, 2009

Mitered Square Blanket from "Mason-Dixon Knitting"

Mitered Square Blanket from "Mason-Dixon Knitting"

There’s nothing like an almost 4-day, commitment-free holiday weekend to dig out an old project and pick up like you never left.  Oh, Mitered Square Blanket, how I’ve missed you!  You were so dear to my heart when we first met, but I’ve neglected you terribly, tucking you away in my coffee table drawer for all this time, ditching you for non-crafty activities.  Shame on me, really. Can you ever forgive me???

My Mitered Square Blanket started out as a gift for an expectant mother back in the summer of 2007 (two years ago!), but alas, the baby is now a year and a half old and much too big for a baby blanket.  Oops.  I knit most of the squares outside during the summer in various parks and relaxing places near my apartment.  The yarn is cotton, the squares are light and portable, and it’s the perfect project for summer knitting.  My only complaint is that the cheap-o yarn I’m using is only available in (mostly) pastel baby-appropriate colors, so now that this blanket is presumably for me, the colors are a little… well, pastel.  But whatever!  I can roll with that.

Disclaimer: I know this project is old news in the knitting blogosphere, but, in the interest of finishing old projects before starting new ones, let’s all pretend to be really, really excited about this, ok?  : )

Project Specs:

  • Pattern: Mitered Square Blanket
  • Pattern Source: “Mason-Dixon Knitting” (by the lovely Ann and Kay)
  • Yarn: Patons Grace in various pastel colors, purchased at Michael’s
  • Needles: US #1 (2.5 mm) addi Turbos
  • Current Level of Crafty Excitement: New-project euphoria!

I knit a small boat-load of little miters two years ago, and so far, the blanket is looking something like this (only with more squares):

Random sampling of miters

Random sampling of miters

Notice the extreme pastel-icious nature of this beast.  Mmm… I love sarcasm.  Also note that the original recipient was a baby boy, so I made more blue squares than the other color combinations.

Yesterday, after I victoriously liberated this project from the vast darkness of my coffee table drawer, I managed to make a meager yet exciting contribution – three more blue miters!  Let us all rejoice at my miraculous success!

Wow - three more blue miters!

Wow - three more blue miters!

I had seriously forgotten how to make these little guys and actually had to consult the instructions in the book.  I am hanging my head in shame, really, since these miters are just SO easy to make.  I also found my little cardboard how-to-miter cheat-sheet at the bottom of the drawer.  I love this thing – it’s small and convenient, and it makes this project incredibly portable.  Yay!

Miter cheat-sheet

Miter cheat-sheet

So now that I’m armed with my old instructions, miter cheat-sheet, and plenty of pastel cotton yarn, I hope that I can really pick up on this project again.  Let us not discuss the massive number of squares left to be created, the big sew-up, or the mind-numbingly tedious border that will have to be constructed at the end.  Right now my new-project euphoria is in full swing – why ruin it?  : )


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