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Yarn shopping shouldn’t be this difficult

Posted on: May 25, 2009

After rediscovering the beloved Mitered Square Blanket (and also discovering that I was almost out of the appropriate yarn!), I went to my local Michael’s to restock.  I had decided to add a bunch of white to the blanket (it’s summer and I’ve got white on the brain), and I also picked up a skein of most of the other colors I had already been working with.  Here’s my haul:

New yarn for the Mitered Square Blanket

New yarn for the Mitered Square Blanket

Not bad, right?  They didn’t have any of the bright pink, but I figure I can just pick it up another time.  The interesting thing about this pile of future-miters is that I almost got into a fight with the Michael’s yarn section employee to get it.  Yarn shopping shouldn’t be this difficult, seriously!

So here’s what went down: I stroll over to the Michael’s yarn section to find that they’re reorganizing/restocking the entire section.  Most of the bins are empty, and there are piles of yarn in shopping carts (and on the floor – the horror!) scattered haphazardly all over the place.  It was a total mess.  I locate the bins that I need, only to find one sad little skein of white yarn whose label has been torn and taped up with packing tape.  It was a sad state of affairs, trust me.  Lucky for me, there is a Michael’s employee restocking the shelves… maybe she can help.

I politely ask her if they have any more Patons Grace, showing her the sad little white skein with the torn label.   She looks at me with complete confusion and simply replies that she doesn’t know and won’t know until the entire section is restocked.  I ask her if there might be any in one of the overflowing shopping carts, and she says (get this): “No, I don’t know, we’re restocking the entire section.”  What kind of response is that??  I say, “So, I”m out of luck?”  She says, “No.”  I say, “So you have some then?”  She says, “No.”  Arrgghh!!!  It was like talking to a brick wall.  I finally accept the fact that this conversation is going nowhere and begin to walk away, still holding the hopeless little white skein.

As I get to the end of the aisle, I see the Michael’s employee walk over to one of the overflowing shopping carts and proceed to (rather reluctantly and – dare I say it – angrily) unload about 50 skeins of exactly what I’m looking for.  WTF???  She obviously knew there was plenty of the yarn I wanted because she knew exactly which cart was holding the stockpile.  I thank her a few times (since she is very obviously annoyed at me), but she doesn’t say a word.  Once she finished unloading, she grunted and went back to restocking the shelves.  It was all very strange, and I’m just glad I walked out of there with what I needed.

Usually yarn shopping (even at Michael’s for cheap-o yarn) is pretty exciting, and I like to soak up every moment.  This time, I was happy to get out of there without that woman running me over with a shopping cart!  Geez, Michael’s, please get some new employees before I run out of yarn again, ok?  : )

Anyway, once I had escaped the yarn-section-of-doom, I started some new miters using white and light pink. 

Aww, a new miter is born

Aww, a new miter is born

And here’s where the left-handedness comes in – notice how I’m knitting backwards?  I’m knitting across the row (into the long-tail cast on), from left to right.  Oh, the humanity.  Try to to freak out, people.  : )

Hopefully I’ll have some finished squares to show in my next post – stay tuned.


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