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Just born: pink and green miters

Posted on: June 1, 2009

Welcome, my babies!

Welcome, my babies!

Allow me to introduce the newest members of my Mitered Square Blanket: eight little pink and green miters – aww, how cute!  : )  I squeezed in a boat-load of knitting time this past weekend, and what you see above is the result.  These bright-white squares are really growing on me, and I really like the way these came out.  Plus, as I was gazing at the half-used skeins of pink and green yarn on my couch, I thought about even making some pink/green miters in the future – ah, so many possibilities!  Hence the allure of the beloved Mitered Square Blanket.

Organized arrangement

Organized arrangement

I played around with the arrangement of these babies for a while – the above photo shows one of the possibilities.  On the left, white stripes are in the middle.  On the right, the white is on the outside.  Although the organization and symmetrical arrangement appeal to my inner geek, I’m fairly confident that I’ll go with a random arrangement for the final blanket.  I have a feeling that the randomness will look better than whatever contrived, over-thought arrangement I manage to come up with, and besides, randomizing it eliminates all the stress!  This is knitting, after all, and who needs extra stress in their knitting?  Not me!  : )

I picked out an even mix of color combinations from the stockpile of miters and mixed them all up behind my back.  Then I randomly reached behind me and blindly picked up each square, one at a time, placing them in order from left to right, top to bottom, until I came up with this completely random arrangement:

Random arrangement - what do you think?

Random arrangement - what do you think?

Then I walked around to the other side of the coffee table and took a shot of them upside-down:

Random arrangement - upside-down

Random arrangement - upside-down

I’m not exactly crazy about this arrangement for two reasons: (1) it seems a little heavy on the pink and green combinations, and I have a bunch more blue and purple miters to add into the mix; and (2) things clumped together a little bit.  Somehow I wound up with three purple/green miters in one corner, and all the pink/white miters wound up on one edge of the rectangle.  It’s very likely that I’ll even out little irregularities like that after the final randomized arrangement is laid out, but we’ll see.  I want to let nature take its course with this piece.

Overall, however, I really do like the way this angular beast is developing.  I’m still in love with the design (Ann and Kay are geniuses, aren’t they?), and I’m excited to finally be moving forward with it after it sat in my coffee table drawer for so long.  As I knit each little miter (most of which has been outside in the gorgeous weather recently!), I keep imagining the feeling of being wrapped in the finished blanket, the dense fabric keeping me warm and enveloping me in a multitude of colors.  Pastel colors, but whatever.  : )


2 Responses to "Just born: pink and green miters"

i love mitred squares, but i also have little patience to stick with big projects (although i have nearly finished a baby blanket, so i’m getting better at it!), so i am very impressed! the colours you picked are lovely 🙂

Thanks! One of the reasons a big blanket like this is so manageable is that it’s broken down into little pieces, and I can change up the colors when I’m bored. : )

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