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Blue and purple miters

Posted on: June 9, 2009

Fresh and juicy!

Fresh and juicy!

A fresh crop of miters has recently been harvested – blue and purple mixed with bright white, ready to join the heap of colorful squares patiently waiting to be sewn into a finished blanket.  I love how these new miters came out – the contrast between the darker colors and the bright white will add a lot of interest to the finished piece (I hope!), and there’s just something about the cool colors that’s so refreshing in the summer heat.  This project is just getting more and more enjoyable as it goes along – who knew?  : )

Here’s the obligatory geek photo with the squares all perfectly arranged:

Mmmm... symmetry

Mmmm... symmetry

This shot reminds me of an optical illusion or something – there’s a hypnotic feeling to it, as if I’m about to get sucked into a black hole of symmetrical knitting.  Oh no, the horror!  I am leaning very strongly against having anything this organized in the finished blanket, but it amuses me to play around with the squares as they come off the needles.  Just don’t stare at it too long or else you might get sucked in!

NKOTB: Joey, Donnie, Danny... oh wait  : )

NKOTB: Joey, Donnie, Danny... oh wait : )

The blanket definitely needed some cooler tones, and I think they go pretty well with the recently-knit pink and green miters from the previous week.  Also, notice that there are no ends hanging around in any of these photos.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually been weaving in all the ends as I go!  If you knew me in person, your jaw would hit the floor right about… now.  I am the laziest thing alive, so to weave in the ends as I go is completely against my personality.  Then again, the thought of having a zillion ends to weave in at the end gives me nightmares, so better to nip that one in the bud.  : )  I know I could use the ends for seaming, but still, the though of all those ends is scary enough to jolt me into submission.

Coming along nicely

Coming along nicely

Above is the current state of the blanket, minus a bunch of squares that didn’t make it out of the coffee table drawer for this photo shoot.  I try to grab an even mix when I create these random arrangements, hoping to simulate the finished look of the blanket.  As this arrangement stews around in my brain, I’m thinking that I’d like to add more bright pink, but my local Michaels has been out of stock.  WTF?  If it doesn’t show up in a few more weeks, I might have to buy some online – no big deal.  Next up: white and light blue, which will brighten up the mix even more.  I just need to make more room in my week for knitting.  Why does life always seem to get in the way?

I really do have a crap-load of miters to knit in order for this thing to reach “blanket size,” but I’ve been on a roll lately, so hopefully I’ll finish this project before I’m a crazy old cat lady.  At least I don’t have any cats (yet), so there’s still hope.  : )


2 Responses to "Blue and purple miters"

Wow. These pieces are awesome and I thought you were all about purple scarves!!! J/k. Yeah – 1 laptop bag to go…..

Thanks! Hahaha, yeah, I *do* love to make purple scarves… : )

I’ll get you to start/finish that laptop bag if it’s the last thing I do!

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