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My craftiness and other artistic inspirations are now documented over at Handmade in Heels.  Come visit!  : )


First of all, my apologies for not keeping up with my poor, neglected craft blog!  I realized that I just don’t accomplish enough crafty progress to keep up with regular posting, but I suppose I’ll keep this site around for occasional spurts of progress or interesting tidbits (like the little gem I have for you today).  Such is life, I suppose.  : )

Anyway, get this: Last week one of my coworkers requested that I teach her how to knit, and of course, I enthusiastically obliged.  How exciting!  Another future knitting addict… mmmm… [insert evil laugh].  We scheduled a little lunch meeting on Monday, and I came armed with extra yarn, straight needles, and my knitting instruction book (this one).  I showed her the basics – casting on, knitting, and purling – and she actually picked it up surprisingly quickly.  She was a natural!  And despite my awkwardness in trying to do everything backwards (well, “the right way” for all you right-handed knitters out there), I thought I actually did a pretty good job…

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Even their shiny pink logo is adorable!

Even their shiny pink logo is adorable!

Now that I’m reinvigorated with knitterly excitement, I checked out the website of my favorite local yarn shop (LYS) to see what was new, thinking that a trip and a little purchase were in order.  But lo and behold, I found that this yarn nirvana is going out of business after six years of serving the Greenwich, CT community with all things warm and woolly.  How sad!

The Knitting Niche is truly an exceptional shop, somehow cramming a full range of mouth-watering yarns (from delicious cottons to exquisite cashmeres and alpacas) into a bright, friendly, and tiny storefront shop.  It was my favorite place to spend a Saturday afternoon fondling, sniffing, and even taking home a few specimens from their scrumptious collection.  I can’t believe I won’t be able to go back there and soak up the knitterly love anymore!

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Welcome to The Left-Handed Crafter!  : )  This site isn’t much, but it’s my little home on the web where I can post and share my crafty progress, questions, frustrations, and triumphs.  I am a life-long craft addict, and my various apartments over the years have all been littered with dejected, half-finished, hopeless projects of all shapes, sizes, and crafty varieties.  Although my craft/knitting projects have fallen behind in the past few years, it is my hope that starting up this site will get me back on track, keep me honest, and perhaps even inspire me to dust off and breathe some life back into my old projects.  Maybe I’ll even – *gasp* – actually finish something!  But I’m not holding my breath on that one.  : )

I do things backwards, on purpose.

Hi there!

Name: Carolyn

Location: Westchester, New York

Affliction: Left-handed, left-brained craft addict

Warning: I knit backwards. If you feel yourself twitching at the very thought, take a deep breath and hold a mirror up to the screen. Trust me, it will be ok. : )

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