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First of all, my apologies for not keeping up with my poor, neglected craft blog!  I realized that I just don’t accomplish enough crafty progress to keep up with regular posting, but I suppose I’ll keep this site around for occasional spurts of progress or interesting tidbits (like the little gem I have for you today).  Such is life, I suppose.  : )

Anyway, get this: Last week one of my coworkers requested that I teach her how to knit, and of course, I enthusiastically obliged.  How exciting!  Another future knitting addict… mmmm… [insert evil laugh].  We scheduled a little lunch meeting on Monday, and I came armed with extra yarn, straight needles, and my knitting instruction book (this one).  I showed her the basics – casting on, knitting, and purling – and she actually picked it up surprisingly quickly.  She was a natural!  And despite my awkwardness in trying to do everything backwards (well, “the right way” for all you right-handed knitters out there), I thought I actually did a pretty good job…

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After rediscovering the beloved Mitered Square Blanket (and also discovering that I was almost out of the appropriate yarn!), I went to my local Michael’s to restock.  I had decided to add a bunch of white to the blanket (it’s summer and I’ve got white on the brain), and I also picked up a skein of most of the other colors I had already been working with.  Here’s my haul:

New yarn for the Mitered Square Blanket

New yarn for the Mitered Square Blanket

Not bad, right?  They didn’t have any of the bright pink, but I figure I can just pick it up another time.  The interesting thing about this pile of future-miters is that I almost got into a fight with the Michael’s yarn section employee to get it.  Yarn shopping shouldn’t be this difficult, seriously!

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I do things backwards, on purpose.

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Warning: I knit backwards. If you feel yourself twitching at the very thought, take a deep breath and hold a mirror up to the screen. Trust me, it will be ok. : )

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